Finance Options

Gilman Orthodontics offers many different payment options that would benefit or suit any individual needs. The following is a list of our many different payment options:

Option A: Payment in Full

When an account is paid in full at the time of initial banding or within 60 days after treatment commences. There will be a bookkeeping courtesy discount given when paid by, cash, check, or credit card.

Option B: Office Payment Plan

When treatment begins calculate approximately 1/3 down of total treatment cost for down payment. Spread the remaining balance by the number of months of treatment. You will have any day from the 1st day of the month thru the last day of the month to make your payment, INTEREST FREE! If the payment is not received in that time period, there will be a 1.5% interest late fee.

Option C: Automatic Withdraw

We are able to offer equal monthly payment arrangements with no down payment necessary. Automatic withdraw from your credit or debit account will be made on the same day of each month in accordance to contractual arrangements pertinent to treatment time with Gilman Orthodontics.